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Paciarino - authentic Italian cuisine
Paciarino - fresh pastas and sauces
Paciarino - from Milano to Maine

“Paciarino is all about authenticity. The tables are wooden and bare; your placemat is a block of slate or wood. Your pasta was handmade on the premises this morning, and the sauce that covers it is composed of a few well-chosen ingredients expertly combined.” – Down East, May 2010 (more >)

“Mr. Barbiero makes springy fresh pasta daily for their restaurant and shop, called Paciarino; his tender ravioli are stuffed with sweet local shrimp and haddock, and his spaghetti is hand-stretched and perfectly cooked. Paciarino raises the bar for pasta.” – The New York Times, September 2009 (more >)

“Chunks of bread in one hand and forks in the other, diners dig into plate after plate of the couple's pasta - eggplant ravioli, lasagna alla Bolognese, pumpkin ravioli with butter and sage, tagliatelle with meatballs, ravioli with walnut sauce, maccheroni alla arrabiata. ” – The Boston Globe, March 2009 (more >)

“Here you’ll find a dazzling assortment of hand-crafted pastas (one or several of which will likely become your personal paciarino), from maccheroni to tortiglioni and ravioli, all of which can be purchased from their inviting shelves and freezers.”
– Portland Magazine, April 2009 (more >)

“You can't just follow a recipe to make pasta the way Fabiana De Savino does. She was taught how to do it as a little girl, cooking daily with her grandmother, nonna Aurelia, on a mountain with two names, Tosco-Emiliani, in the Italian province of Bologna. You have to see what the dough looks like the precise moment Fabiana turns the mixer off. You have to see her handling the pasta sheets, growing out of the KitchenAid like a pet boa constrictor, her outstretched arms supporting it, and then calming it into a straight line on a rice-flour dusted table.”
– The Portland Phoenix, December 2008 (more >)

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